Every “Christmas Vacation” Fan Needs This Ceramic Replica Of The Griswold’s House

You don’t have to turn on the TV to spend Christmas with the Griswolds this year! Thanks to this Christmas Vacation-themed ceramic village, you can relive the goofiest scenes of your favorite Christmas movie right at home.

Yes, there’s really an entire collection of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation figurines and structures to be had over on Amazon, and as you might expect, they’re selling fast. The centerpiece is a hand-painted “Griswold Holiday House” complete with a snowy roof, a wreath-covered front door, and twinkling Christmas lights that flash just as, er, frenetically as you’d expect them to. It’d make for a hilarious addition to any Christmas mantel.

Of course, judging from the number of exclamation points on each Amazon review, fans have already figured out all of this—and they’re excited, to say the least.

‘Christmas Vacation’ Griswold Holiday House

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