Starbucks’ Pineapple Tumbler Will Send You on an Instant Vacation

Everyone needs to go to Hawaii, and not just for the beautiful beaches and weather. Starbucks is selling a pineapple tumbler that is exclusive to the state, so that is all the convincing we need.

These adorable metal tumblers, meant for cold drinks, feature a yellow cup with green lid and straw. It has a criss-cross shape, so it really does look like a pineapple! The 16-ounce cup is part of Starbucks’ Hawai’i Collection, so it makes sense that it’s only available there (but that doesn’t make it any easier to process).

If you really, really can’t imagine going on with your life sans pineapple cup, you can find people selling them online. As expected, they are probably more expensive than in stores, but it’s a good solution for those who don’t plan on visiting our 50th state any time soon.

The Hawai’i Collection also has special cups for hot drinks. These tumblers have tropical green and blue leaves, so you’ll feel like you’re on vacation no matter where you are. Maybe we should just book a trip and pick up all these Starbucks goodies ourselves …?

Starbucks Pineapple Tumbler

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