The Coolest Things You Can Buy on Aliexpress Part 3

Let’s see other cool things you can own from Aliexpress

1. Mini Electric Fuzz Cloth Pill Lint Remover

Battery Operated Lint Remover,Longevity life time and durable
It can revitalize fabric quickly, easily and cost effectively
Compact in size and portable,easy to use and clean
Fabric fuzz shaver pill lint remover sweater,Works on all types of clothing materials
This handy tool helps maintain your clothes by removing lint, fuzz, pills and threads
The compact and portable design makes it perfect to use at Home and School,on Office
or during travel Anywhere
Keep your clothes looking new with this fabric lint shaver, such as sweaters, blankets,
drapes and furniture upholstery many of which tend to acquire lint and often “pill”,
or get small balls of fuzz   Buy Now

2. Liquid Leather

Works on: Automotive leather and vinyl upholstery, Dashboards, Door Panels, Vinyl Tops, Vinyl Seating, Marine, RV, Home and Office furniture.
You can repair holes, rips, tears and burns with this Professional Leather and Vinyl repair kit in minutes!
Professional mini heat iron included.   Buy Now

3. Soft nail caps for cats
Only for cat use, if size problem or you have anything questions to Brostown cat nail caps, we support replacement or 100% refund.
Best Install Way: Trim cat nails, filed a little glue into caps (Note: a little glue, not too much). wait for moment when the glue is half dry, put it on your kitty, then wait the glue become completely dry. then doing the next one. If used too much glue, when you put on cat nails, the glue maybe spill over, if so, before the glue become dry, wash with water, if dried, could use nail varnish remover or dispergator to clean, Brostown pet glue has passed EU MSDS, its safe and specially for pet use   Buy Now

4. Transparent Locks
Two Type- Box and No Box
Cutaway Practice Disc Type Padlock
Lock with open chambers on all the moving parts that allow you to see how it work
You can see clearly that how the pians work when a key is inserted
In perfect smooth working condition with no loose parts or pins will come out   Buy Now

5. Magic Joke Ball Pen Invisible Slowly Disappeard Ink
This high-tech product which made of importing new material and advanced skill.There’s no different in appearance but the writing will be disappear automatically gradually about in 2-3 hours.
Widly used in file security,magic Show and other security field.
New and high quality looks just like normal pen, but a great tool for magic trick
The word that wrote down by this pen will disappear thoroughly within hours
Make fun to your friend with this pen and good gift for your friends
Color:Black   Buy Now

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