These Products Are Genius

How did people think to come up with these? We’ve scoured the internet, found the most genius to the most ridiculous products ever made, and even took videos of ourselves using them.

1. Zip n Store Refrigerator Organizer What it is: A refrigerator organizer that will make the appliance seem even bigger.
How to use it: Install it to the bottom of a refrigerator shelf (it takes 2 minutes)!
How we use it: By never worrying about letting food go to waste ever again.    Buy Now

2. ChefLand Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer

What is it: The fastest way to core a fruit.
How to use it: Truly just cut off the top of whatever fruit you’re in the mood for and core!
How we used it: By seeing Vic’s way of coring fruit.    Buy Now

3. Lalabu Soothe Shirt What is it: The easiest way to carry your baby.
How to use it: Put it on and carry your baby with ease!
How we use it: By freeing up our hands!     Buy Now

4. Presto 03430 Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven
Make pizza (or anything else your heart desires) in minutes!    Buy Now

5. Brilliant Pad What is it: A self-cleaning doggy pad.
How to use it: set it up and let your dog take… care of business.
How we used it: By finally keeping our rugs clean.    Buy Now

6.  Rollie
What is it: A revolutionary breakfast tool that helps you make eggs like never before.
How to use it: Put in your favorite ingredients and watch the magic happen!     Buy Now

7. Bloody Bath Mat What it is: A bath mat that gives you a bloody surprise after you shower by turning blood red when wet!
How to use it: Just hop out of the shower and prepare to scream!    Buy Now

8. Fryin’ Saucer Guys Outdoor Portable Propane Deep Fryer What is it: A portable, outdoor deep fryer. Yup.
How to use it: Get to your campsite, tailgate, or backyard and start oilin’ up!
How we used it: By having the best dinner ever.   Buy Now

9. Boosted Boards
What it is: An electrical skateboard you can think of as a cross between a traditional skateboard and a hoverboard.
How to use it: Strap on your helmet, grab the remote control, and get going!
How we use it: Hop on and go up to seven miles at a top speed of 18 mph!   Buy Now

10. Fat Shark Fpv Drone Training Kit Racing

What is it: This is Drone Racing 101. If you’ve ever been curious about learning how to race drones, or just fly a drone in general, this is the best kit to give you a crash course — well, hopefully you don’t crash too much!
How to use it: Practice, practice and practice! Set up your drone and start flying around a safe space with no fragile objects or people nearby.     Buy Now


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