This Heated Pet Bowl Will Keep Water From Freezing and Animals Happy in the Outdoors

Gone are the days where you need this cooling pet bowl (just until summer, that is), but K&H Pet Products has the cold months covered with a heated pet bowl for winter.

Thermal-Bowl for Pets

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The Thermal-Bowl uses 25 watts and is meant for pets, like dogs and cats. So whether you have an outdoor cat or your dog just really likes the fresh air, you’ll know that they have a non-frozen bowl of water to drink from. We know that you’re concerned that the bowl will get too hot for your pet to use, but it’s thermostatically controlled (like heating and cooling appliances) and turns on and off as necessary, so that it stays at a safe temperature.

The heated pet bowl is 14 by 14 by 5 inches and features a 5.5-foot chew-resistant cord. All of electronic components are sealed inside the bowl, so your dog or cat won’t get to it. K&H Pet Products says that the bowl will keep water from freezing even at -20°F. You can get one for your pet this winter on Amazon Prime.

Although it’s marketed as a pet bowl, many people on Amazon have voiced that they use it for farm animals. From chickens to pigs, it sounds like these guys appreciate a temperature-controlled bowl of water as much as any other!

From over 260 reviews, the Thermal-Bowl has an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars. “I’m a firefighter and am always concerned about safety when it comes to running anything heated in our barns,” one reviewer wrote. “These are very safe. I actually plugged them in dry to see what would happen. They did get overheated, just were nice and warm to the touch. Not overly hot at all.”

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