Yes, High-Heeled Crocs Exist, and Yes, People Are Buying Them

If you think Crocs are the most abhorrent shoes to ever exist, well saddle up because there’s something that might be even worse: high-heeled Crocs.

Yes, you read that right — high-heeled Crocs exist, and human beings have actually purchased them.

According to the Croc enthusiasts on Amazon, buyers love them. “Super comfortable” and “I love these freakin’ shoes” are just some of the comments accompanying the four- and five-star reviews that people have left. The biggest complaint seems to be that they run a bit small.

Crocs Women’s Cyprus V Hee
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The heeled comfort shoe comes in three different colors: black, platinum, and platinum with a wild orchid insole. Who knows? Maybe they’ll be so comfy, you won’t care about the stares you get. (TBH, I get envious of people who wear their classic Crocs loud and proud. They look so comfortable, but I just can’t bring myself to buy them.)

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